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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ) 

Here are some of the commonly asked questions. If your have other questions that do not appear here, kindly email us at or fill in the contact form. We try our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

Cake Specifications:

1. What will be your cake size and serving ?

Please refer the cake size and serving on this link

2. Are you Halal Certified ?

Here, we use halal certified ingredients and our mixing bowls and utensils are used exclusively for baking and cake decorating. Some designs, however, may have liquor bottles as décor. If you are a Muslim customer, please highlight to our team so we ensure there is no alcohol décor on your cake.

3. How do I keep my cake in storage ?

As some of the ingredients may be sensitive to prolong temp outdoor, here is our guidelines.

For fresh cream cakes, please store cake in refrigerator at all times. It should last out of fridge for about 1 hour.

For buttercream cakes, please keep refrigerated whenever possible, but if not, it should last in air-conditioned room for about 2-3 hours. Buttercream cakes tastes best when thawed 30mins-1hour upon taking out of refrigeration.

Our cake tastes best within 48 hours from the receipt of your cake. We recommend all cakes to be stored in the chiller compartment for a maximum of 2 days.

4. Does my order inclusive of candles and knife ?

For order of whole cakes, we will provide a standard plastic knife for cake cutting and 1  slim candle . However, if you like assortment of different designs you can also add-on from our Accessories collection click here

5. Can I request for customized flavour ?

Every cake flavour listed has gone through extensive testing before placing it up for order. If you have a cake flavour you like us to customize, we can review if we can help you do it . Additional charges will apply accordingly.

6. Will customized Cakes look exactly like the picture reference?

Based on our artwork reference we can already seen how detail we attend to each of our cake and artwork. We will gather all information from the sales request and confirmed before we proceed with customization of our cakes. It will maintain our promised standard or even exceed your expectation. However, if customer insist we stick to design and color we will, even if this limit our designer creativity. We will also like to highlight pics may look difference due to how the pics is edited. And all cakes is done manually there may be slight variant. But I am confident our team is able to understand your needs and put up a magical cake you wish for .


Cake Consultation

7. Is booking required?
Booking of cake consultation is required if you’d like to come down to our physical shop to discuss the details of your customised cake(s).

If without appointment, our counter staff will only be able to assist you with our standard designs available on our website. You may also Whatsapp our online sales team sales 1 or sales 2 for assistance.

Each 1hr session of cake consultation would be $50. $50 would be reimbursed to you upon confirmation of order. In the case where you decide to not purchase a cake, the cake consultation fee will not be refunded.


Delivery and Arrangements

8. What are the delivery and or collection service available ?

Yes you can collect the cake direct from our shop at 253 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 

We offer same day island wide delivery for selected customized cakes on this website ,

We have a dedicated kitchen and design team to meet your urgent request without extra charges

Please check with our friendly Sales personnel , whatsapp sales 1 or sales 2

9. What is the lead time to customized a cake to order ?

This will be subjective to complexity of design and favors of cake request and if we have ready stock based on your request.

For the same day or next day urgent orders , suggest for you to check our where extensive range of simple design cakes , gourmet cakes and pastries is avail same day or next day, order online.

For intricate and detail sugar art and crafting designer range , will be the platform for you to order such cakes , upon deciding the design to custom or following our existing design w modifications , our sales team will follow up to confirmed all details . The cakes can be produce from next day or more days if it is complex projects . e.g 5 tier wedding cakes.

For complex projects like 5 tier wedding cake , we will need 2-3 weeks advance confirmation

For birthday cakes lead time can be 2-3 days lead time

10. Do you have cakes off the shelved ?

Yes ! Please visit, offers same day delivery on selected best selling gourmet and custom cakes

11. Do you customized cake for pets ?

If you like to custom or order a designer cake for your pet dog or cake

You can also check our sister brand

All ingredient is of premium quality for our paw friends

12. Do you delivery ? what are the charges ?

Sensational Cakes provides a nominal fee of $20 Island wide delivery services.

For our delivery standard time slot
(Day) - 10am to 3pm ( standard website rates )
(Evening) SPECIAL Add $10 4pm -7pm ( 
Please contact us 91903668 Hp for more details or arrangement )


Free delivery for orders above $200 is available for orders made via the website, with a minimum 2 working days lead time. This will exclude any surcharge such as CBD / Sentosa / Tuas. We do not deliver to Jurong Island and restricted areas addresses.

13. Is there additional charges for certain areas?

There is certain areas which parking is difficult or expensive hence we will need to cover our driver ,additional charges may be request if parking fee is incurred


Some areas is not accessible or far away from town , hence the charges will be higher .

For deliveries to MBS/SENTOSA/TUAS/NEO TEW surcharge $10 applicable . Please contact us 91903668 Hp for more details or arrangement .

14. Can change from self-collect to delivery ? what if the delivery is unsuccessful , will there be charges ?

Change from self-collection to delivery is subject to the availability of slots. Regular delivery charges and surcharges will apply.

The recipient of the cake is wholly responsible for checking that the order specifications of the cake (including provisions of knives, candles, wording, decorations) are correct and in good condition. Any defect or incorrect item(s) must be raised to the delivery man (for deliveries) so rectification can be made. We will not be liable for any error or damage after delivery is completed.

A strict 10-minute waiting time applies for every delivery. If there is no one present to receive the order during the delivery, we will attempt to call the number provided. If you can be contacted, the driver may leave the items at an agreed location (such as in front of the door -- only applicable if there is access to the apartment/office). We will not be responsible for the conditions of these items.

If the driver is unable to contact the recipient, the order will be returned to the shop. You may choose to self-collect or arrange for re-delivery (delivery fees + surcharges will apply, subject to available slots).

Our delivery provider cannot be held liable for reasonable delay due to factors beyond our control (e.g., unexpected traffic conditions.) Our delivery provider reserves the right to reject the delivery to restricted areas (including road blocks).

15. What if the cake is damaged upon received ?

Please check all cakes before acceptance from shop or driver damaged is in it's appearance physically. Please take pics to informed the shop or driver on the spot .


If the taste is bad or you like to reject the cake , it is ok , please do not further consume the cake , take a pics and contact sales immediately . we will collect the cake back and arrange for replacement on the same day .

16. Should I choose fondant or cream cake ?

It is recent trend to move towards healthy less sweet cake

Hence perceived the cream based cake is healthier


Fondant is different medium which allows artist to put artwork to craft. All the possibility is limitless and what our imagination meeting our mastery in skill sugarcraft can create . Check out our Instagram gallery of masterpiece artwork cakes.


We exceed in both fields


As for our fondant , we use sponge cake as based, it is light flavourful and non overpowering

This is light favor and delicious as u can see from real reviews


The expert is creating out of the world figurines that wows in every parties , these can be preserved and express better than any cream art


It subjective to personal preference .

Fondant is more versatile and 3 dimension whereas cream is limited to flat surface designs.

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